It starts with an idea – A t-shirt design was the start of the brand, next came the logo and Human Citizens was born. – The unorthodox collective that believes in using their influence to engage and disrupt popular culture. Working with Human Citizens has truly been an rewarding experience.


Clean layout and easy to navigate are key. It was also crucial to showcase images of all the people wearing the apparel.

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I have worked with Wes Miki for the past 12 months on various graphic design and website development projects for my company – Human Citizens. His creative insight and high collaborative energy has proven to not only offer design direction, but more importantly, drive an influx of traffic to our business. His ability to offer creative, forward thinking ideas has been a huge component in our brand seeing success in one year’s time. I’ve worked with numerous design teams throughout my career and the turnaround time that I receive from Wes and team is remarkable in comparison to peers in his field. I highly recommend anyone looking for an insightful design team to consider Wes for future projects. The creativity, analytic insight, patience and spirit of collaboration is worth every dollar spent!

– Keon Young (Founder, Human Citizens)